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Enhancing Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Northern Michigan homeowners are investing in their outdoor living spaces to a new level. While grilling and cooking centers are still important, homeowners are investing in larger outside spaces that can accommodate more activities such as watching TV, hosting a party, or visiting around a fire pit at sunset.

Outdoor spaces, or entertainment zones, may include decks or patios located on different levels to give the feeling of separate rooms. Pergolas and roofed areas with decorative pillars can help define areas as well. To extend the season and take the chill out of the evening air, homeowners are including outdoor infrared heaters, fire pits or fireplaces to their outdoor spaces. Think how nice it would be to sit around a cozy stone fireplace on a chilly evening!

The National Kitchen and Bath Association notes that ideal outside spaces should include harmony and cohesiveness with the rest of the home. Selecting materials and colors that coordinate with the interior of the home is paramount to a good design.

Photo provided by Renewit Decks & Outdoor Living

To easily access the outdoors, homeowners are upgrading their existing doors and windows with newer easy-to-open sliding doors. New screen materials include those that roll out of the side of the door or drop down into a door or window. Screened rooms with retractable screens are appealing when you want to feel like you are living outside or need to store large items like kayaks or bikes.

Tiered decks or patios can break up outdoor spaces into “entertainment zones.” Consider including an area for watching TV with cozy seating, a dining or bar area, and a separate hot tub space with a surrounding deck.

Outdoor kitchens are still a focal point of outdoor living. There are numerous selections available of appliances, countertop materials, cabinetry and grills designed just for the ruggedness of outdoor use. Pizza ovens are popular additions along with pellet grills often used for smoking meat.

Written By Janet Chambers

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