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Comprehensive guide to pergola materials for a durable and stylish outdoor structure.

Pergola Material

Wood & Vinyl Pergolas

Whether you prefer the natural beauty of wood or the low-maintenance convenience of vinyl, we have the perfect pergola to complement your outdoor space.

Value Wood Pergola

Our Basic Wood Pergola, a timeless addition to any outdoor space. Crafted with high-quality wood, this pergola offers a sturdy and tasteful structure, providing shade and creating a charming ambiance.

Value Plus Vinyl Pergola

Our Vinyl Pergola option is crafted with high durability vinyl offering a stylish and inviting atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment.

Compare Wood & Vinyl Pergolas

Value Wood
Value Plus Vinyl

Pergola Material​

Fiberglass Composite & Aluminum Operable Pergolas

Our fiberglass and aluminum operable pergola options provide a wide range of choices to enhance any outdoor area. Crafted with durability in mind, these pergolas are designed to withstand various weather conditions and maintain their structural integrity over time.

Premium Fiberglass Composite Pergola

Owens Corning® Lumber is a rot-proof, rustproof composite alternative to traditional wood and steel. Designed to install like the lumber you use every day. Made to last.

Luxury Aluminum Operable Pergola

Our operable pergola options have pivoting louvers which give you the ability to control the amount of sun that you want coming into your space. You can enjoy your space with full sun, no sun, some sun, whatever your heart desires.

Compare Fiberglass Composite & Aluminum Operable Pergolas

Premium Fiberglass Composite
Luxury Aluminum Operable
Low – High
Pergola Material


Everything you need to know about pergolas.

Most pergolas are made of wood, which requires regular maintenance, including cleaning, sealing, and staining. Additionally, as the wood is exposed to the elements, the color will fade, which is a natural but sometimes annoying occurrence.

You can use a variety of materials to build your pergola.

You have to consider what size of the pergola will be the best for your yard.


Style of House


So, even when it’s raining, you can still stay under the pergola and enjoy your outdoor area. In contrast, a pergola canopy, although designed to offer some protection against the rain, might struggle to keep your outside space completely dry during heavy downpours and will require periodic replacements as well.

While pergolas generally will not require a building permit, this depends on where you live. You can check with your state, county, or municipality to find out if you’ll need a permit for a pergola. Additionally, if your neighborhood has a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) you’ll need to make sure you’re following your HOA’s regulations and approval process if there is one. For example, your HOA may have restrictions on the size of the structure you add to your property.

Adding a pergola to your backyard can increase your home’s value. That being said, there are a few additional factors that help decide just how big of a difference a pergola will make.

To start, your home’s location can make a big difference in the value that’s added. For example, if you live in a warmer climate where you can spend more time outdoors throughout the year, a pergola will most likely add more home value than if you live in an area with long, heavy winters. Additionally, homes in locations with plenty of sunny and dry weather are ideal locations for pergolas, making them valued additions. However, don’t let where you live stop you from building a pergola. The iconic style of the pergola is still very much present and popular in rainy climates.

A pergola’s size can also greatly impact the value it adds to a home. Larger pergolas provide more shade and space to entertain, making them more appealing to homeowners. Basically, as the size of a pergola increases, the home value will increase as well. If increasing your home value is important to you, you’ll want to consider building a large pergola.


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Value Decking Material

Our Basic Decking material is a durable and cost-effective option for your outdoor living space.

Value Plus Decking Material

Our Plus Decking material is a high quality composite option with low maintenance and enhanced durability

Premium Decking Material

Our Premium Decking material is crafted with the utmost precision and quality. Designed to withstand the test of time, it offers unparalleled durability, elegance, and functionality, making it the perfect choice for your outdoor living space.

Helpful Hints

Price Ratings

Renewit’s price ratings are intended to provide customers an indication of a material cost in comparison to other materials within a material group. The number of “$” symbols indicates the relative price of materials.

Note: Materials with 2 dollar signs do not necessarily cost twice as much as those with 1 dollar sign.

Price Ratings Breakdown:


The most budget-friendly options suitable for those seeking the least expensive materials. 

Value Plus

Moderately priced materials that strike a balance between affordability and quality. Customers can expect a wider range of options at this price level.


Higher-end materials that offer superior quality, durability, and visual appeal.


Top-of-the-line and materials associated with the highest quality, exceptional durability, and most expensive.